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March 20th 2010

BinMastersGang was first published.

March 25th 2010

BinMastersGang has found its second author which was Yo Geez 1

April 2nd 2010

We had added over 15+ pages completed.

April 27th 2010

Tamil-Xx75 has bought Weebly Pro and stepped the whole site up completely.

May 6th 2010

We have changed our site theme.

May 13th 2010

We have closed down the site temporarily as we were trying to get a complete CSS theme but we have failed miserably.

July 18th 2010

We have re-opened the website.

July 22nd 2010

Our old chat got really popular.

July 25th 2010

We made plans for a new author.

August 7th 2010

I have decided to leave Binweevils as it got a bit boring so I have closed down this website for approximately a year now.

February 12th 2011

I re-opened the website and started to get in the mood of Binweevils again.

March 14th - 30th 2011

We searched for more authors and found Pop-The-Pupster and adameisa ..

April 4th 2011

We attempted another time to get a CSS theme and we accomplished it we have got a bright theme colour suitable for Binweevils.

May 17th 2011

We have found out BinMastersGang has over 3500+ hits.
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