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Zoo Keeper ! 07/12/2011
Hey Weevils,

Have you noticed the new bubbles in the bin ? The reasoning behind this the new movie .. Zoo Keeper ! Remember, if you are tired of just doing the bubbles you can also do : wordsearches,downloads,quizzes and so much more !  
That's all,

- Sorry we haven't been posting alot we having dilemmas.

- Answers for bubbles with be added soon. 
Independence Day 07/03/2011
Hello Weevils,
On the out coming Monday 4th July is a well remembered independence day in USA and all over different states as America declared independence from the UK.

To celebrate, the usual Uncle Sam Hat in Hem's hat is been put at a standard price of 200 mulch ! 

What are you waiting for ?

Head over to Hem's now ! 
Gatun Tag Weevils,

Tomorrow is Canada Day all over the bin ! The usual rare Canadian hat from Hem's hat has been set a bargain from 1500 to 200 mulch !

Jet off to Tycoon Island to purchase your very own Canada hat ! The price wont last and all your friends will show off those red colours tomorrow !  

Happy Canada day,

Surf's Up ! 06/29/2011
Hello Weevils,

Once again the Binweevils Team have added brand new items to the shelves ! What's special, is that these items are super exclusive, these items will only be allowed 
to be purchased this Summer !
[Tycoon Only]

They also added extra Beach Items to the nest with a 50 % bargain(SALE this week only), to make you feel at home this season ! 
Happy Weeviling,

Hey Weevils,

You all probably know about the new areas and changes to the bin.We don't know for sure what the purpose of this area as Binweevils team are keeping it a secret   but it is still accessible by weevils.

It is not completely sure as what they are going to do by anyway but they are taking suggestions from other weevils who commented in the Binweevils Official Blog .
Hey Weevils,

Exclusively, Binweevils Team are offering a lot aspects to the Tycoons for this week only. You get the usual stuff plus ; an extra 20,000 mulch(40,00 in total) and a golden Tink's Statue to decorate your nest ! 
Hurry before they all go ! 
Re-Set Blogging. 06/25/2011

BinMastersGang has re-opened their entire blog to re-set data as they had a complete change the their original website.
[ We are sorry for any delays the website will be back and running shortly]

Happy Weeviling,



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