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BinMastersGang Chat

Chat Rules 2010-2011

Member Rules
1. Respect all other users on the Chat Room
2.Try your best to become a moderator or owner ( Do not ask you may get a kick)
3. Never Troll (Monkeybugs called Bandit a **** )
4. Never Use Inappropriate Words.
5. Always Obey Rules
6. Never Use Aimed Swear
7. Never Use Covered Swear.
8. No Smiley Spam ( Doesn't Apply In Xat Name)
9.  Make Sure you tell your friends about BinMastersGang Chat

Moderator/Owners Rules
1. Make every new user a member
2. Respect Every User.
3. Do not show a side of people
4. Before you ban make sure you do 3 kicks
5. Inap (kick)
6.Covered Swear (kick)
7.Never Make A Mod Unless you are a main.