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SwS Mission Blue Diamond Part 2 By adameisa

1. To get in the mission all you have to do is find 4 people to stand on the 4 small circles and you stand in the middle!
 When your in the mission it should look like this you have to try and go through the coulered pins but the blue one ill tell you more about later to get to the pins you have to try and not touch the green grass it is like a maze.
 (If you went through the maze pins read on if not look for witch one you went through) 
4. (If you went through chess room pins read on if not look for witch one you went through) you have to try and jump to differnt squares it can be 1 or 2 and try to collect the bubbles on the way it might take you back to the square but keep on trying.

5. (If you went through collect diamond bubbles pins read on if not look for witch one you went through) you have to try and get to the middle with out touching the white then you will be spining stay there for a while till it goes slower then go to another path to get a bubble.
To get through the blue pins you must have gotten all the bubbles from the 3 other pins then you go through the red path then turn right till it looks like the thing in the picture then go through the telaport. then the next teleport should look like the one in picture 2 you go through in that telaport and so on till you reach the blue pins.

8. You have now complted the blue diamond and you won 1000 mulch, 200 XP Points , blue diamond trophy and a new teleporting power!


SwS Mission Blue Diamond Part 1 by adameisa

 1. First go to rums cove (bin side) and take a flight to mulch island the go to the ships maze pit and there should be a arrow on the bottom right click on it to start the mission!
2. Next when your in it there should be a lever on the bottom right click it and drag it to the rope thing and then click it !
3. Get the battery it should be next to the lever and put it in the metal detectar (if it doesent work try a few times !)
4. Seacrh for a key it should be near the house thing and put your volume up to hear if your near the key and use the shovel to dig it !
5. (For this bit you need to complete ships maze) then go to the edge of the cliff and do   super jump accross and walk in. (Or just go near the green leaves or grass things and click yourself)
6. Another Puzzle for this you have to try and move the pieces in different places.
7.CIRCLE: To get the circle you have to get 3 cork screws theres one in the water of bucket one in a bottle at the bottom left and one on another bottle on the middle left you click it and drag it to the holes and pore water in the green cup by puttin it on the barrel and the jug to get the circle.

TRIANGLE: You have to get the circle thing on the table to the bottom one then get the stick near the top right and put it in the hole in the middle then get lots of sticks from the bottom left and put then on the circle thing then when you can`t put any more you open the draw (its near the middle) and open it and get the bow thats in it quick put it on the stick and start moving it back and forward fast but dont stop and get the triangle.

SQUARE: For this one look at the picture , look at the weights to get the square on the left one its 2 of the haviest blacks and 2 of the lightest silvers on the right its 2 of the heviest silvers and 3 of the lightest blacks.

8. This bit may look hard but its quite easy you just need you and three other weevils and each one has to stand on the red circle on each corner and then when you`ve completed it.
9. You have now completed part 1 !!!! Now just go back to the SWS Headquaters and accept mission 2 to carry on !!!


SwS Mission The Lost Silver Knight by adameisa


      1. You have to find the key first witch is located in castle gam behind the bottom right rock (you need weevil cam).
2. When your in the castle click on the tile around near the arrow to when you found it keep moving the direction of the arrow.when you reach the last arrow you will get your code you wont understand it so you click on the curturn on the left that says cg and it says the number and the thing next to it right it down on your thing and you should go to the next room.
3. I dont know how to explain this its like a puzzle and you have to complete it. (If someone is good at it in your house tell them and see if they can do it).              4. Here if you see when you walk in the room on the left near the candle theres like a stick you get it then on the roof theres another hook you pull it down with the stick. then a paper thing should come down and say wet me then get the brush dip it in the water. and you wet the the paper thing.(you have to wet it till a beater comes out on the instrument thing). you play the notes witch should be aga g f e d c#  d
then when it turns blue if you look carefuly the notes change you have to play it quick and when you do it theirs gonna be a song playing.
 Here you have to jump on the correct tiles the order is I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X and then the silver night should come out you click on it get 1000 mulch and the silver night for your nest.
6. You have now completed mission 1 and you will recieve 1000 mulch  and 200 Experiance Points and a lost silver kight for your nest !!!


SWS Questions by adameisa

These Are The Three SWS questions:

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